Charles Dickens – A London Life (Part 5)

Once the shock of imprisonment had left him, John Dickens began to adjust to his new life in prison. With no creditors to bother him, and with his board and lodgings taken care of, perhaps now Dickens could sleep in peace. Robbed of the man of the house, however, life at Gower Street became even […]

Charles Dickens – A London Life (pt 4)

Dickens would later immortalise his father’s famous advice to him by putting his words into the mouth of David Copperfield’s Mr Micawber. Micawber, incarcerated for debt at the King’s Bench Prison in the book, is fondly remembered for his simple maxim on financial matters: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and […]

London’s Best Blogs

There are a wealth of great blogs about London out there, covering everything from the most stylish places to eat, the quirkiest museums, the coolest places to visit, and the most unusual things to do in the city. Some of these blogs are quite basic, however, others look like mini magazines, with multiple sections and […]

Charles Dickens – A London Life (Pt 3)

Life at Bayham Street was undoubtedly hard for the entire Dickens family, but it was perhaps hardest of all for John and Elizabeth’s eldest male child. Charles Dickens found his life unenviably altered in London, and it took him quite some time to adjust to this strange new life. A capable and intelligent student, Dickens […]

Postman’s Park (Part 1)

The city of London has many impressive sights, but few are as magical or as enchanting as Postman’s Park. Set a short distance away from Wren’s St Paul’s Cathedral, and right on the doorsteps of the Museum of London, the park is an ideal spot for City workers to while away a couple of hours […]

The Seven Noses Of London

There are as many myths about London as there are Londoners. There’s the legend of the ravens at the tower, the Black Dog of Newgate, Spring Heeled Jack, the list goes on and on. Most of these myths are just that. Myth. However, at least one of these outlandish tales is rooted in fact. Namely, […]