London’s Best Blogs

London’s Best Blogs

There are a wealth of great blogs about London out there, covering everything from the most stylish places to eat, the quirkiest museums, the coolest places to visit, and the most unusual things to do in the city. Some of these blogs are quite basic, however, others look like mini magazines, with multiple sections and multi media content.

London’s blogs are a great tool if you want to get under London’s skin, and discover the real city and its people. Londoners are an opinionated and talkative lot, and they are just dying to let you into their world.

So, if whether you are a born Londoner or a tourist looking for inspiration for your next big trip, here’s our London Echoes guide to the capital’s best blogs:

Caroline’s Miscellany

Blogger Caroline probably describes her website best. She recently told Londonist that it contained “assorted bits of London history, with a bias towards Deptford, plus other random stuff” and that pretty neatly sums up her blog. It is the fascinating morsels of London history and the dazzling quality of her images that really set Caroline’s blog apart, however. Londoner Caroline has a wonderful eye for a photo and she has an incredible knack for uncovering the type of historic details that most other history bloggers just would not even notice.

English Buildings

Not strictly a London blog but nonetheless full of information and insight into English architecture and buildings. The guy behind the site, Philip Wilkinson is a well known and respected author with a string of highly regarded publications to his name and you can immediately tell when you read the website. There is a wealth of information on architecture and Wilkinson clearly knows his subject inside out. A fascinating site and a must read for anyone who loves English buildings.

London Walks